Need some advice for replacements for my CX300s.
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Brooklyn Hype

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Feb 22, 2008
Hi there. I'm in the market for some new earphones to replace my dying CX300s. I want to get canalphones, and I'm on a £50/60 budget (not sure what that translates to in US $). I've been considering the 2s, E2Cs, V-Moda Vibes and 3s, mainly, but I want to know if there is anything better in the price range, what earphones to buy etc.

I listen to mainly rock, some hip-hop, industrial and drum and bass kinda stuff. I want to have strong, but not too overpowering bass. Oh, and I don't want to go over my budget really.

Any suggestions?
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I hate suggesting things to people in the UK because I know you get screwed on pricing. It makes price ranges so difficult to compare. So I'll start this way:

What are the prices for the,, and Audio Technica CK7 in the UK?
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I will get the CK7 if i were you.
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Just don't get the Shure E2's. I went from the 300s to the Shures and wish I hadn't bothered. Unless you get a 110% seal, which I found very hard to maintain, the bass falls apart to very thin levels.
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Hmm, the CK7s look good, but they end up costing about £70 with postage and I was looking to spend more like £50 to start with. I know it sounds very cheap (which it is) but I'm on a kinda tight budget. I don't know, I might get them if others say that they're my best option (for the price).
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If budget is an issue, think about the Creative EP630s -- same configuration as the Sennheisers, and arguably comparable quality. I have the Creatives and like them for what they are, in the price range in which they can be purchased. (They have the symmetrical "Y" cord configuration, if that matters.)

Or give the's a try.

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The build quality worries me a bit as I tend not to take the greatest care of my earphones. I'm now basically thinking that I'll get either the's, the 3s or possibly the CK7s. Probably the's unless anyone can persuade me that the's are worth the extra £10.

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