Need help configuring Emu 0404 > Little Dot MK III
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Oct 16, 2008

Config: PC > Emu 0404 (USB) > Little dot MK III tube amp > HD 595

I am getting no sound, the tubes light up and look like they are functioning, not odd smell or anything. I have them connected through RCA from the little dot to TS unbalanced to my Emu 0404.

I think it has to do with my computer config... I have no idea how to config a sound setup. If someone can tell me how to start off.. The manual doesn't help much either.

This is a USB connection not a S/PDIF.
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do you have a cable to try to connect it to "Main 1" with RCA>1/8 jack?
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This might be a stupid question, but did you make sure to turn up the main output level knob on the 0404?
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What software are you using? If you are just using Directsound, make sure that your sound output is set to the EMU in the xp/vista control panel. ASIO is a little more complicated. That would need you to use a compatible software as well such as foobar or winamp. But the EMU does come with ASIO drivers.

Not to complicate things too much, I assume you installed the drivers as instructed. Check the sound options in control panel and see if the EMU is being used for audio output. Check the main volume level which will be set at -infinity first, bring it up halfway to zero. If these dont work, you might have some other issue.
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Originally Posted by rjp /img/forum/go_quote.gif
This might be a stupid question, but did you make sure to turn up the main output level knob on the 0404?

Not a stupid question at all because the main output was down Lol

Ooppsies my bad

Its working fine now.
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After looking around for an Amp+DAC combo, I became really interested in the 0404+mkIII... I've heard that the emu can be very cold and even shrill. So, I wondered, "perhaps this DAC can really benefit from a tube amp".
How is this combo working out for you?

My other possibility was the Beresford 7520 +mkIII.

Edit: One more question: How did you connect the 0404 and the mkIII?

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