Need good sounding headphones with mike
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Dec 8, 2001
I need a good sounding set of phones with boom mike for computer gaming. I know Koss has an R65a, but nobody anywhere has it.

Any suggestions?
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How much are you looking at spending fredpb? lots of cash, or a budget?

Lots of cash ~ Beyer Dynamic... on their website (the one at least) there are various 'professional' headphones there with mics attached like the DT250... but undoubtedly pricey)

Budget... Sennheiser EH line, if the US is anything like the UK they should be found in most computer stores... they're white, and very plasticy... but undoubtedly still get the job done

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The 231 with the Mic (I believe called the DT234) is pretty cheap. I'd recommend it for gaming as the DT231 is what I use for all my gaming PC's.
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Originally posted by Snufkin
The Beyer DT234pro is the DT231 with a mic, shouldn't cost you too much

Sounds good! Thanks for the reply! You know of a USA source? Meanwhile....I will begin the search.

Should be a zillion times better than the Labtec!!!!
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Problem I am having is finding them. Beyer Dynamic USA does not seem to carry this model?

MarsMusic is out of business.

Where can I get this stuff?

I will keep on searching.

Any help would be apprecriated.
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Sennheiser has a version of their 280 pro with a boom mic. Not sure how much it costs or where to buy, but I do know there are about four versions, their are two styles, one driver or two, and there are two options for impeadance. You would want the set with two drivers and low impeadance. If you can find them cheap enough they are a good option for sure, though I couldn't say if they'd be the best or not. I would dpend on the price too. If you do find them, let me know.

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