Need Comfy Cans Recommendation ($100-200)
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Aug 12, 2010
[size=small] I'm looking to get a new pair of cans just because I've started to use them a lot more now over my speakers. Out of all the cans I own right now I really like my Grado 325i but they squish my ears and I get discomfort after 2 hours of use and some red ears.[/size]

[size=small] I'm not gonna power these with an external amp or dac. It's just going to use my computer as input. Looking for something kind of cheap, but I'm willing to pay for medium quality worth paying for.[/size]

[size=small] Cans I'm looking for are mainly to be super comfortable and probably open. I usually listen to instrumental classical/jazz, kpop, or some electro if I'm really feeling it. I think I'm basically looking at some HD598s for something pretty balanced and something I can wear for pretty all day. I'm interested in checking out HiFiMan as well. Any other suggestions?[/size]

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Unless you plan on going for the HE-400's, I've read enough about HiFiMan to tell me that the HE-300's just simply aren't worth it. Ortho's all the way! The HD598's seem to be favorable considering your music tastes but I looooooove the HE-400's. Sort of out of your price range though... I guess this is a pretty unhelpful post...
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I like to hear about HiFiMan. They seem to fit a really nice niche for me and I probably should try out my friend's HiFiMan IEMs to be a little more familiar with the sound signature. 
And MAYBE if I get everything sold, I'd get the HE-400 assuming I can get velours on them
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Beyerdynamic DT770. They might not be the best for the genres you listed though, they kinda have a V shaped sound unless you get the 600ohm version (flatter) but then again 600ohms is pretty hard to drive.

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