Name the best headphone rig you have ever heard (all components tied together!)
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Nice, I have some 1620 AM/PPs that sound terrific....but in a pair PP-triode mono power amps.
You sold the extremely extreme extreme orange crush!? 
I built that amp. Thanks  :)
Despite owning many tube amps I cant stand the stereotypical tube sound, Icky.


yepp. I wanted to buy these.

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Here's my top 5:
1) Heavily modified Sony SCD-777ES -> SP ES-1 -> HE90
2) Heavily modified Sony SCD-777ES/Exemplar 5910 -> Senn HEV90 -> HE90
3) Exemplar Denon 5910 - > SP SDS -> Sony MDR-R10 (bass heavy)
4) Exemplar Denon 5910 - > Headamp Gilmore Balanced Reference (thanks Fitz!) -> Senn HD-800 w/ Apuresound V3 cable balanced
5) Exemplar Denon 5910 -> SP SDS -> Sony Qualia 010 singled end.
Singled end ICs = Bogdan Audio Gold/Silver Spirit
Balanced ICs = SP Balanced Cable
Music = Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Classical Rocks, Pops.
Note that I no longer own the SP ES-1 due to operational issues. The tube bias was never stable so I returned it back to Mikhail and got my refund.  I believe that the Qualia will move up to #3 or #4 if it is balanced. 
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Now others will scoff, but this is the best I've heard.  MY RIG!
MacBook Pro Server (PureMusic) > Cardas Clear USB > HRT Streamer + > Cardas Quadlink 5-Cs > Singlepower Extreme Platinum > Cardas AKG702s.  Power provided by PS Audio Duet conditioner and Pangea powercables.
The addition of the Pangea powercables, Duet, and PureMusic software have pushed this rig over the edge for me.  
O.k. now back to your scoffing.
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scoff scoff scoff
power conditioner, special interconnects, FRIGGEN POWER CABLES...  and a K702?  for real? 
/scoff scoff scoff
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There aint a heck of a big audiophile community down here in Mandurah WA, so the best system Ive heard is my own.
Supex 900 MKIV with benz retip on modded RB300>
Benz Lucaschek pp1 phono>
Stax SRM T1>
Stax SR507
I love it!

There's a guy on another site who wants to hold a WA meet some time this year. He's got some stax going on and is thinking of buying a BHSE at the moment. I'll let you know how it goes.
At the moment, the rig I liked most is rather humble. Dacmagic - > Hiamp(? or was it an extstata? I have no idea) -> Lambda Sig
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Miles Davis' album "Bitches Brew" for the first time with my own humble set up: CD690 + Pioneer Monitor 10R. I tried listening with the AKG but something just did not sound right so I hooked up the Pioneer. The album was the complete recording session of "Bitches Brew" and I listened to all of it at once. I tried to do as little as possible so I could just listen to the music. Afterwards, three or four hours later I was tired but content. I would almost do it again... Just one of the memorable moments of audio bliss.
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Thunderpants orthos
Cavalli CTH
Eastern Electric mini max tube hybrid dac
foobar with electri-q and isone pro
tons of diverse music .. everything sounded incredible, especially those magic ortho mids.
i havent heard a lot of rigs, but this one was stunning.  it was about $1800 total
i owned it for.. a few months
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Without getting into the transformer coupled vs OTL debate, I found that my HD800 sounds quite special with the Woo WA6SE. Even with the stock tubes. I have not heard the WA2 and have no doubt that would also sound great. So the Xciter > WA6SE > HD800 is another terrific combo.
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This was FRACKING amazing
When I heard this rig, Travis who organized the meet was sitting next to me waiting for my reaction,  I simply turned, shrugged my shoulders and said, "why bother anymore".  We both laughed, (I think to mask the pain we both felt knowing we would never own this rig)  I was so blown away by the completeness and wholeness of the presentation it was filling, like eating a great meal.  And whats more, I didn't think it sounded tubey in any way.

I don't keep up with who owns what, but that's Brent's, right?

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