My Review on the Sennheiser PX100
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Apr 3, 2009

Here is my review on the Sennheiser PX-100's, which I use for a long time now.

Sound Quality:
Right out-of-the-box, and plugged into a computer, they sound just awesome. The bass is there, really defined, but not too loud, the mids and the highs are really defined, and I can hear things in the music that I never noticed before!

Then I plugged them into my iPod Touch 1G, the sound was really good too, but with less bass, as you know the iPod's soundcard is not so good.
Plugged into an external soundcard (Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi 5.1 USB), the sound is really really awesome! I had never got a sound like this, it's brilliant

Well, they have almost no isolation, the headphones are not "Closed-Type", but they are very comfortable, and opposed to other headphones, after many hours using them, they are still comfortable.


They are awesome. They are better than some other expensive headphones I've tried, and they just cost 30€!

If you want Sound Quality at an affordable price, buy these

These headphones are great for people on a small budget, who wants sound quality!

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I still have mine, although the earpads have worn off. My first good cans. They have a warm, involving sound with mid-bass emphasis and rolled off highs. Midrange is good, but certainly far, far off from "reference quality". Any decent $200+ full sized can/decent IEM has far better mid-range.

Bass quantity is good, but a little boomy, not tight enough.

But they are still enjoyable cans!

Surprisingly, they benefit from amplification, and my Ultra Micro improves their sound quite a bit!

Also, older Sony PCDPs drive them better than weak MP3 players like the iPod. My Sony CD walkman drove them very well, with my iPod they just sounded sterile and boring.
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They are certainly good for the price and is very portable, but I've found that the new HD238 improves on the same general sound signature with extension in Treble, midrange, bass, and pretty much everything else. Only downside of it against the PX100 is that they don't fold up (and pricier, of course), but otherwise they're pretty much superior in most aspects.

But still, in the sub $100 range these and Portapros are probably still kings.
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The PX100 was one of the first pairs of good headphones I owned. Really liked them, but found them hard to drive (relative) when paired with common DAPs - thought only the iRiver H series and iFP series were decent with them. Sound was anemic when paired with Creative ZVM. That's when I switched to easier to drive IEMS ...

Still the PX100 are comfy and good sounding - probably a bit dark especially in the last few years (think I am hearing less highs recently).
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very good headphones in the style of those supplied with walkmans (tape) in the '80s.

great but embarrasing. they leak! but if you don't care, go for it, as they do kick out a powerful sound for what they are. though after trying various styles (& prices), these seem too flimsy, light & impractical for me now. i think i'm gonna keep them in a glass box on a wall - break glass in case of emergency!!

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