My order of Audio Technica M50s just arrived this morning!!
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Yeah, the clamping can get tiresome after a bit. It will settle down after they have been stretch by taking them off and putting them on. You can also lessen it sooner, by using something slightly wider than your head, to rest them on when they are not in use.
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Yea my ears get sweat and I feel like the pressure on my skull increases the more I wear it.

Yea sounds like i should invest in a good amp. I just looked up the meaning of open and closed back headphones. I didnt even know there were open back headphones. Seems like they make the sound more natural and ambient

You can try putting cotton under the ear pads, It helped with my shure srh440 and the you are right about open headphones, but they dont isolate any sound and they leak alot, the m50s are great first hifi grade headphones.
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E17 is great but is expensive....considering that you bought the e6 which is cheap, you could either try out the E11 or buy the more expensive e17.
The M-50 sounds weak to me without a good amp and the E6 muddles the bass too much. Hope you do find the E6 to your liking, or like me, you'll probably end up buying the more expensive Fiio amps.
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Yea my ears get sweat and I feel like the pressure on my skull increases the more I wear it.

The comfort can be improved by getting Shure 940 velour pads and either replacing the stock ones with the Shures or putting them over the stock (double-stacked).
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You quite simply should not need an amp to drive the M50s. I just did the math, and my sansa clip+ player without an amp will drive the M50s to right around ~ 105 db before cliping. That should be plenty...especially if you listen to modern music which is often mastered very near the 0 dbfs limit.
I have listened to a pair of M50s unamped from several different players, and amped on several different amps, and imho this headphone does not need to be amped. The only reason you may need an amp for the M50 is if you listen to your music very loud, and / or you listen to very quiet recordings with lots of dynamic range (which unfortunately are relatively uncommon these days due to the loudness war)

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the M50 should be giving you a larger sound stage that the Turbo...  and yes the turbo should sound louder, its stuck in your ear canal...  
and if you want to hear the stage get even wider, get a good set of open phones...   with the Turbo's the sound stage is in the center of your head... with a good set of open phones the sound stage is 50 feet to each ear...  or more...    and you shouldn't get base fatigue either...

I haven't noticed much soundstage at all with my M50's. But then again I have not heard what I would describe as good soundstage. The closest being the HD 380s. Am I just imagining soundstage to be better than it is or are the M50s a bit weak in this area?

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