My HE-5LE just died again!
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Oct 16, 2002
Grrr! I bought the first set used in October 2011. They worked great until July 2013. Then one driver cut out, just out of the blue. Fair enough, Hifi-Man took care of it. The whole thing cost about $130 with shipping because they were out of warranty. Now it's just happened again! That was 7 or 8 months... Am I just that unlucky, or has anyone else had trouble with these? And I take good care of them darn it! Before any anyone asks, I naturally swapped cables and checked the amp out with different cans.. It's the HE-5LE's right driver.
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Well, now they're working again. NOT COMPLAINING! But it's all a little fishy...
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A few days after they started working again, they died again and did not come back to life. So I sent them out for service. This time around, the good folks over at HiFi-Man decided to simply take care of it for me since I'd already had them replaced 9 months or so prior. All I had to do was ship them over. Good deal! So this is me giving them props!
I got them back today. It was naturally a long process again. They no longer keep HE-5LE in stock since they've been discontinued for a while, so the replacement units ship from China. Oh well. Getting "stuck" with my old Grado 325i is definitely a first world problem, but still, these are on a completely different level. I'm re-listening to the new Crystal Method album.. And hearing it all for the first time.

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So did they ship a new pair or replace the driver for you? Also how much did it cost you this time? 
I'm curious as owner of an older pair of 5LEs....

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