My DT880s are killing my head!!!!!
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Oct 30, 2006

I like my DT880s, but after a half hour, I can feel them digging into my the top of my head. I have to readjust the headband by moving it forward or backwards every so often! Very annoying! At least my 595s were comfortable.....

Anyone got a fix for me?
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You might try tightening the ear cups (so sliding them back into the headband) so that they do more of the support so that it balances the pressure all across your head instead of just the top part.
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that was the first thing that I tried and it seemed to help a bit, but no go....

Guess I don't have a very common head.
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Attach some Velcro to the top of the headband.
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Exercise every day to stand up for 5 minutes on your head and the Beyer is as comfortable as never...

Can you set-up the headband a bit (more tighten in)?
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Go to a hypermaket near you. Go to the kitchen appliances section, look for this thingy that is used to wrap fridge door handles. They are made of cloth+Velcro and should wrap around your headband perfectly. They can be stuffed to increase comfort.

I had a thread created about it, but when head-fi had an outage, the pics got screwed up I think.

I also posted about this in another thread:

You can get these on ebay too:
NEW HAWAIIAN REFRIGERATOR DOOR HANDLE PROTECTORS HONU - eBay (item 310006921919 end time Feb-08-08 13:01:46 PST)

I use the fridge door thingys on my ATH-ES7 and my Darth Beyers. It works wonders in adding to the comfort factor.

I bought mine at Carefour. Mine does not have the crappy frilly edges you see in the ebay link above.

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I actually have a pretty narrow head. It's pretty small, so the headphones really have almost no clamp force whatsoever. Thats why the senns fitted so well, because they did clamp a little. I think this took a bit of the pressure off the top of my head.

I have the phones only once click out from being totally pushed in.

I wish I could adjust these to accommodate my narrower head, but I don't think that I can adjust the headband shape itself :frowning2:

Lol, I'll take a look at those door handles. However did you think of that?
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I find my DT770s really comfortable so there's an advantage to having a big head then
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Originally Posted by captainbrendo
Lol, I'll take a look at those door handles. However did you think of that?

Well, to begin with, I already found my ES7 and Darth Beyer to be sufficiently comfortable, but I didn't want to get the headband dirty or wear it out with constant use. I saw these door handles thingys on my mom's fridge, so I asked her to buy me a pair. Turns out, they are really comfy. Like little pillows on my head. LOL
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I don't want to be a part of team skinny head anymore!!! argh!
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Have you tried bending the headband to give you more pressure? I assume that it'd work the same as bending a Grado.

When I had my Beyer, I did that to bring the music forward... my head is plenty big though.
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If you are using an older model DT880 (like the 2003 version), there is a piece of very hard plastic right in the middle of the headband that presses on your skull when you've got them on. I had the same problem and Larry from Headphile fixed it for me when he recabled my DT880s a while ago. What he did was remove the padding (just unbutton it and it comes off easily), remove the piece of plastic in the middle, cut it in half, and put a piece on either side of the headband, then put the padding back on. The plastic bits should now be off to either side of the headband so the primary pressure point isn't where the plastic bits are anymore.

If this is your problem, I can post pics of mine when I get home if you like.
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I have the 2005 version, so I'm not sure if it's the same, I might try to pop off the padding though. Does it just pull off or are there buttons I should see?

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