2 vs. ATH-CK7: Final question (I'm truly torn)
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Feb 8, 2008
I'm definitely down to these two. To anyone who has heard both, can you compare? The sense I get is ATH sounds "better/more balanced"...but that it's a little less on the low-end.

I want bass to be present (gym use, iPod, all kinds of music), but don't want it to boom. I had a pair of V-Moda Bass Freqs and HATED them. Too much muddy boom.I find myself wanting to go with the Audio Technicas, but just fear that I'll be wanting a little bit more low end.

I used a pair of Vibes in the gym until they broke, to give you an idea of the sound I'm coming from. At work I use the UM1s and really really like their sound. That is plenty of bass for me, and the mids and highs feel warm and not shrill.

I seriously waffle between the two constantly - an issue I'm sure you guys are quite familiar with.
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Sorry, I don’t know the Metro.Fis, but the bass in my CK7s is there. It’s not as much as the bass in my old X3is or EP-630s, but it’s there, and it’s nice. Not boomy, not muddy. I’d say take them, they’re not bass-less.
But they might be a tad shrill if you love the warm UM1s - it’s your decision, they’re rather analytical.
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The Metroo's definitely have powerful bass. It' not boomy or overpowering like the CX300, but it was definitely strong. I love my Metro's for the gym, but I'm thinking you are more of a CK7 kinda guy. You could always use foam tips to get a little more bass out of them if you find them thin.

Audio Technica ATH-CK7
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I don't know if you've been introduced to the Denon AH-C700 yet, but you may want to look into these if you haven't already. I've not experienced either of the phones you are debating, but I've really taken a liking to the AH-C700.

The lows are very present, and after some extended use seems to have settled in a bit and become more controlled while still having a lot of authority.

Just throwing this out there for your consideration.
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In classic Head-Fi fashion, I went against all suggestions (and my own initial leanings) and ordered the 2 yesterday. :)

At $60 price point, I don't think I could have gone wrong with either that or the CK7.

My thinking was: it's the gym. They're canal phones, not true isolating monitors. There's competing noise from the overhead sound system, plus people talking. Thus, I want the one that has more bass and less clear/defined highs. If I have to turn it up too much, that'd be a recipe for a headache in my case.

And of course, if I hate, I can always order something new. :)

Thanks guys.
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I think you will really like the's. They are perfect for street wear and gym wear. They're pretty efficient so you can easily get a lot of volume out of them. I really like mine, and it gives some of the best bass I've ever heard for an In-ear headphone. It will definitely fit your specs you described: bass is nice and heavy, but still pretty well controlled... and the highs aren't harsh or bright at all.
I know what you mean when you mention getting a headache if highs are too harsh. Same with me, especially after extended listening.
Let us know how you like them..

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