Little dot MK2 and Gain settings for HD-6XX (HD650)
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Jan 13, 2015
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I have been using LD MK2 to power my HD-6XX for almost 11 months now. Recently I noticed that my Dac-X6 is slightly louder and has more oomph than the LD MKII when listening to music like "Muddy Waters - Folk Singer" album.

Am I doing something wrong...? I have the lowest gain setting set because everything else introduces some kind of strange noise to the sound. Should I drive the HD650 in higher gain settings? Its manual was very confusing. I have to go pass halfway mark to get it loud as Dac-X6 (little above quarter) when I am listening to quieter records like "Muddy waters - Folk Singer".

If anyone else uses LD MKII with HD650 or similar, which gain settings are you using....?
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What does it matter what position the potentiometer is at to achieve a given loudness? If anything, getting to your desired listening volume at 50% of the potentiometer sweep is ideal. You’ll probably have the best channel matching there.

Alright! thanks for answering my question. No need to worry about it....!! thanks a lot :)

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