King X is Dead - need a new DAP
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Dec 19, 2009
The king is dead. My X1060's battery has gone south. I left it with 75% battery power 2 days ago and last night when I checked it it was almost dead. I am going to check again and see if anything can be done, but basically I am starting to look for a new DAP.
I really like my X1060 and it will probably work as a desktop source now, but I need something with good battery life for travelling. 
Have any X1060 users tried looknig for a replacement? I like the idea of  touchscreen DAP (not a requirement though), but I prefer it not to be anything bigger than the X, but it can be if it is really good. It would be good to have a LOD capability so that I can use it with an amp. Battery life needs to be at least 20 hours and SQ around that of my X.
I need at least 32GB capacity and no HDDs, flash memory only, physical control buttons would be nice.
Any suggestions?
I have looked at:
Cowon J3 - very interesting, but no LOD, uSD.
iTouch 4G - not a big fan of Apple product :frowning2: but comes in64GB capacity and has LODs.
Sansa Fuze - not sure about its memory capabilities and SQ, but LOD is available.
Zune 80 - have not had a chance to read up on it enough yet - does it have SSD drive, I thought it does.
Sony A847 - LOD, 64GB, slim. SQ?
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After further research I decided to alter the list a bit and put it in order of preference:
Cowon J3
Sony A847
iTouch 4G
Any comments? Recommendations? Opinions?
EDIT: Research, research. Looking more and more at J3, it seems that people mostly praise its enhancements that I wil not be using. The HO only is a more and more bothersome. Looked closer at iTouch, but it seems music is not its priority, and I do not care about its apps or whatever because I use a smartphone and do not need these functionalities in a DAP. In this case A847 is going higher up in the ranks. People complain about its hiss, but it only happens with very sensitive phones that I do not use.
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Samsung P2, P3, X-Fi 2, Philips Go Gear Muse and Fuze.
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Another X?

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Another X?


I thought about it, but am afraid it will die on me after 18 months like the one I have now, it still is some thought.
Looking at the price around 270GBP (32GB) and comparing it to J3's 220GBP (32GB and uSD slot )or A847 280GBP (64GB)  it seems a bit overpriced. I bought mine a year and a half ago for 179GBP which was a great price.
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About the X battery; it should still be good at 18 months.
Two things to try, let it run until empty (autoshut off), fill it up completely, see how many hours you get.
This will not help to revive a lithium battery, however often the battery is still okay but it is the batterymeter that is disrupted, giving wrong values.
Emptying the battery will often reset it.
Another thing that made amazing difference on my X is not to chage it on a PC using USB, but to use a netadapter instead; somehow this seems to give me significantly more hours (~15+ vs 10) playbacktime.
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I'd be in there swapping out the battery for a higher capacity one. No way would I let my X become a paperweight so readily. 

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When i decided to buy Sony DAP i was taking a look for A840 and S750.
I prefer S750 much more for sound quality. A840 was not very good, muddy, lot of hiss (more volume = more hiss).
S750 very musical and fun sounding player. More details, less hiss aтв it is not painful for your music and ears:) It sounds like average between iPod Touch4G, Sansa Clip/Fuze on Rockbox, iPod 5G on Rockbox. Some tracks are very similar to one and then another of this devices.
Also up to 50 hours of music, good design, very good build quality, beautiful screen, great ui, and good price:)
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I always charge using an adapter, never the PC. As for the batery, I will do some more tests. I freaked out the other day because after charging it to full and listening to music for 2 hours I started it again the next day and there was hardly any juice left/ 1 bar out of four.

I will leave it running for the night and see if it lasts till the morning, if it does, maybe I will give it another chance.
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Contact sony's repair center they might be able to help. also check to make sure that the Wi-fi is OFF. I has a scare last week and it was because the Wi-fi turned itself on.
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I have been trying to get this situation fixed and yesterday re-flashed the firmware, set everything up, charged and now it has been running for 14 hours and still has around 50% of juice left. 
I have a suspect in the situation though - the LOD. When I left the X and it ran out of battery when it was shut down, it had the LOD connected - maybe that was what drew the power? 
For now I will keep it running to see how many hours I can get out of it, but it seems it is ok now.

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