k240m or k501 midrage ...?
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Jan 4, 2007
What i like most is the midrage,when i have to make a decision about sound..
I think that either bass or treble has only to follow the music and not to scream for attention, they have to "help" the music come to the brain..and the music is the midrage..

Which one you think is the more lifelike midragy phone?
Accurate doesn't do for me, what sounds like the real thing is the question.. for example the human voice.
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Good luck finding the K501, I hope you already have a source for them.
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Originally Posted by mbd2884 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Good luck finding the K501, I hope you already have a source for them.

Aren't you quickly getting out of team mid-fi? Your main headphone was up until like a month ago sennheiser's flagship 'phone, you recabled it, your amp is pretty expensive, etc.
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Midrange over the K240 Sextett is more "moist" and seductive, as well as more forgiving; with the K501 more open and clear, as well as less forgiving. I'll reserve final judgment until I get the K240 Sextett recabled, but for now, and with the right recording, I give the tentative midrange nod to the UP-OCC/Ag recabled K501. The K501's synergy with the Bada PH-12 is very special, too, I might add. : )
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Originally Posted by pire /img/forum/go_quote.gif
thanks pataburd, is like saying is more musical when we say "moist" and seductive ?

Yes. I guess you could draw that conclusion; although under the right circumstances, the K501 can be incredibly alluring and musical, too, with their bigger and more spatially enveloping soundstage.

The Sextetts just seem to be less recording-specific and more consistently musical and enjoyable, the headphones with the least "downsides," and most balanced presentation of any I've tried to date.

God willing, I'd eventually like to have Fitz restore and recable mine. Together with the K501, I definitely consider the Sextetts "keepers."
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The K240M sounds noticeably darker than the k501. The K501 is superior in terms of clarity, resolution, and transient response (on a headfive/arietta). The midrange of the K240M is decent but the strong midbass may interfere sometimes. If you are a big fan of the K501 sound signature, then the K240M may disappoint.
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If the k240M has a midbass like the k240S than you will likely find them too warm. I can't recommend the 240S. I have the 240DF which is a lot better...especially the treble and the smoooth mids. As I wrote in another thread...Frank Sinatra never sounded better. My speakers and some of my other headphones have more forward mids, but to my ears at least, vocals with DF's sound more natural...realistic. Bass is just so so.
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I own both but can't recommend one over another. K240M reproduces rougher voice timbres (read: male vocals) better and has warmer and more upfront sound. K501 is smoother and probably better reproduces female voices. I'm still after K501.
I'd pick K240DF for something more neutral.

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