JH13 dealers in UK
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Hi. I am planning to get the JH13 and am living in UK.So far i found only one dealer in the UK. They are handheld audio and their website is,

Radio Microphones , In Ear Monitors , Headphones and Accessories

If anyone has bought from them, can you please share your experience and if it was worth buying from them for around 1000 GBP? Is there any other JH dealers in the UK? It would really help me a lot to get some feedback cause it is a pretty big investment for me and i want to be sure before i indulge myself.

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HHA are great. I got my JH13's from there. I got mine when VAT was @ 15% so was a bit cheaper but nonetheless I was very pleased.
Nick who is the managing director is also the audiologist and the impressions he took were spot on first time, and I mean perfect I have no fit issues at all.
fortis_flyer is going there sometime soon as well. They took 2 weeks start to finish, so no problems with the length of time they took.
As far as I'm aware HHA are the only UK dealer, and yes it is more expensive than going direct to JH, which you can do. But you get direct UK warranty, and all issues and problems, including if there are any fitment issues, lie directly with HHA..I worked out its £30 a time to ship to the states, some people have had to have 4 refits...
And plus of course all importing duties etc. come into the price.

I visited HHA twice, the first time I went along because they simply just allowed me to go sit in a room with a shelve full of IEM's (W3's, UM3x, tf10, SE530..you get the idea) to listen to them..no commitment to buy or anything. really good company very friendly bunch
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Hi timmyGCSE.

thanks for the information. I am planning to visit them after 2 weeks when i visit london and hopefully get a demo. They are not open on weekends. I will buy JH13 if they have the open sound of the Grado RS1, mids & neutrality of the HD600, imaging of the K701 and soundstage atlest on par with RS1. Hope i am not asking for too much

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