January 30th Arizona Head-Fi Meet Impressions
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Forgot to say a big 'thank you' to cskippy for bringing his measurement rig. His measurement confirmed what I've been hearing with my Anax 2.0 mod'ed HD800's; that the 6K treble peak had been pretty much tamed. 

Yeah it was an amazing setup. I am going to make one. I have to find a different shipping box though as cskippy has the "Amazon Prime" box.
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I will have to say the HD 800 and the Vioelectric amp and the PS1 was the surprise of this meet for me. Such a magnificent combo!

To be honest, it was my first time hearing the PS1 fed into anything truly "high-end" head-fi and I was very happy with it! Thank you to 13713 for entertaining the idea!
I had an absolute blast. It was my first meet.

The bottle head was awesome and now I need to get one. The standouts were the PS1 as a CD player and the Balancing Act. I am glad people liked the Violectric it is my end game solid state now is going down the tube tunnel.

It was my first meet as well! I agree, a Bottlehead/ Schiit combo may be on the short list of wants! Great talking with you :)
Yeah it was an amazing setup. I am going to make one. I have to find a different shipping box though as cskippy has the "Amazon Prime" box.

"Amazon Prime Edition", "UPS Express Edition", "FedEx SameDay Edition" hahaha
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Here's the link to the headphones that were measured:
If you would like to use these as a reference point to EQ your headphones as a general rule of thumb try to use subtractive EQ rather than boosting frequencies.  For instance on the HE-400i a large improvement would be to cut 5dB at 8800Hz with a Q of ~5.  
Also, while most measurements came out the way I was expecting, some were more surprising like the HD800 Anax 2.0 measurement.  On other measurement systems there are more prominent dips around the 6kHz peak that aren't present on my graph.  The Alpha Dogs also seem to exhibit a dip at 200Hz as well as other irregularities that don't mesh with subjective sound impressions.  
One more thing, a gentle downward slope is ideal for a headphone response as opposed to a speaker response taken at 1 meter distance from the tweeter.  So please don't EQ your headphone with these measurements to a "flat" target.  I promise, you won't like it!
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Sorry, I don't remember the name of the gentleman who was interested in a 4-pin XLR to TRS adapter, but PM me if you're still interested.

Hi @funch! It was myself. I am grateful to have met you as I appreciated the time you spent educating me to various audio/cable implementations. I'll PMing shortly sir.
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Finally got around to processing and editing those pics. Didn't take as many as last meet, but here they are. If you want the full resolution file for some reason, feel free to PM me. The last 2 were so blurry, they were unsavable, so I just cranked the noise correction all the way up and they now have an almost painted feel.  






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