Is this Sony any good?
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Feb 15, 2008
I'm pretty lazy, and when I set up my Millet Max, I need something to plug it in. Is this model any good?
Sony CDP-CX355 300-Disc CD changer
I don't think I'll fill up all 300 slots anyways, but it would be useful instead of having to change the CD's all the time.

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IMO, pointless. Get a CD rack
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Originally Posted by IronMaiden /img/forum/go_quote.gif
IMO, pointless. Get a CD rack

That still requires you to get up and change CDs... From a laziness standpoint, multi-changers are great.
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I've had an older version of the same thing (the CX-205) for almost ten years. I bought it as a floor model at a Good Guys near my home...despite it having daily usage in my wife's preschool and having undergone serious abuse by my (infant, at the time) children, it is still going strong.

Biggest complaints I've read about these units are 1.) reliability and 2.) they scratch your CDs. I obviously haven't experienced the 1st, and I can't say for sure if the damage to my CDs was caused by the player, or from those times my kids took all the discs out and scattered them all over the floor.

I haven't compared the SQ to anything, but it is certainly good enough for background listening, which is where units like this shine the brightest. Shuffle-playing 200 (or 300, in your case) discs is the best solution I've found to keeping the obscure corners of my CD collection fresh.

Wouldn't be my first choice for a headphone rig, which I typically use for more focused listening sessions.

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