is the STAX S-001MK2 a good set of phones?
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Mar 11, 2006
I was wondering if anyone has heard these phones and how they sound.
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There's actually been quite a bit of discussion here about the SR-001mk2, try a search.

Concensus is, great sound for the price, but they are a bit uncomfortable for many people.
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Yup, they are good!
Electrostat sound in the smallest package you can imagine, and a bass and dynamic that Lambdas don't have (of course, SR001mkII are inferior from mid to highs).

I find them comfortable too, but this is very personal.

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They reproduce a lot of detail. IMHO they are certaining the best set of portable headphone + amp system that you can get. To me these headphones are a lot more comfortable to wear than IEMs (I tried E2c's and E4c's before) because it doesn't go as deep into the ear as IEMs. However these don't isolate well...or at all... But you should search the forum for others comments.
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Yes, do a search. I've ranted on enough about them that one more would feel redundant. They are definitely on par with custom-molded earphones and many of the better full-size cans in terms of SQ.

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