Is it me or my headphones?
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Jul 13, 2015
Hello, everyone.
So month ago I bought my first actual headphones after using EarPods and even worst things for my bloody entrie life. I decided to get linear sounding pair and chosen Beyerdynamic Custom Studio. They just looked good, built well and sound brilliant for me with that bass adjustment mechanism. At least for that moment.
Obviously, as a pure idiot I've listened to them for two weeks without actually bothering with any thoughts. I could have not even imagined problems with "Made in Germany" thing. And after two days after my money back perdiod vanished black magic started.
First, they started rattling in right earcup. Sure I read about hair and infamous Beyer's drivers with that sticky membrane that gets hair in it forever. I opened everything down to the driver itself and of course found nothing. Assembled back and had them services on warranty. They replaced driver with new one. Guess what? It started rattling after 10 minuttes being fine. They replaced it again with new driver. I've listened to headphones for a few days and now it has some rattling again. All again in right cup. They really put new driver there both times, I've checked.
Now, I've tried disassembling and reassembling thign many times, putting wires, foam disk, wire fixator etc. in diffrent position trying to fixate thing well. Same thign. Rattling stuff starting to happen from time to time after listening to music or playing a game.Then it vanishes. Then apears again.
The thing is it only happenes in bass tests here:
Sometimes on "Bass Shaker" but mostly on "Center" test. For now I cannot hear it in music or in games. But I'm afraid I could, if I'd listen to different type of music. Or even worse, it can loosen with time. At the end of the day, after three drivers, I don't really think it's hair. It could not get there that fast. So that probably is a problem with construction.
My sound sources are Sound Blaster E1, iPad Air and iPhone 6. Everywhere is the same thing.
So the question is: is that me wanting too much from $250 headphones? Or is that Beyers who sell crap for $250?
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Sorry for necroing topic but it turned out it was me being so dumb overloading phones with too much power (volume) obsessed with these bass tests. Don't do this tests unless you know what you're doing.

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