Introducing the HIFIMAN x GOLDENWAVE Prelude
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Looks like a logical competitor for the Cen.Grand Little Silver Fox. What do you think @project86?
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Not sure if anyone has heard the Prelude yet.
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The LinearQ looks amazing! 4x 2A3, 2x 5AR4, 2x 12BH7A and 2x 6922. Wow!
There are some decent Chinese and Japanese brands we only have limited access here in the US. Opera is one example, Goldwave was one. I heard MusicTeck has brought Mass Kobo to the US which is awesome, can't wait to try 394mkii and model 465! There are a few sellers are selling Luxman power amps, but man, we need P750U for headphones, they are so gorgeous. Little dot has their high-end Y3 and 845 tube amps which is more affordable and sound excellent for the price. I am using Y3 myself it can be a serious competitor to other more expansive 300B tube amps. "Original" another affordable but good tube amp brand.
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Last three posts were in July and they are about another brand's tube amp. No buzz around the Prelude at all from what I can see. No thread in the amp section either. Not even seeing that anyone owns one yet.
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Last weekend I had the opportunity to listen to Gustard R26 and Hifiman Prelude with headphones HE1000SE.
I had no complaints about the sound. Clean, neutral, spacious, with a good stage.
But, after Cen.Grand stack it was not impressive.
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This Wave Theory review just appeared on you tube, and It seems very helpful as a starting point.

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Our review of the Prelude is now published with comparisons to the Ferrum OOR, Chord Anni, and the V281. :)

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Anyone got a hold of this yet? Wonder how it compares to the moon 430 :)
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Anyone got a hold of this yet? Wonder how it compares to the moon 430 :)
I tried to pull one in for review as I very interested. It is the Goldenwave GS-X with a new chassis. The Goldenwave wasn't made for this market, but has always been considered one of the great SS amps made. Just could never get one in 120v. So, the Prelude is very enticing. They responded back and offered me their cheapest headphone to review. haha... I said no thanks.
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