If a TRS and TRRS variant of the same product is offered, which one should I get?
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cradle emperor

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Jan 18, 2012
Its this product here, the currently popular Zen 2.0
Im gonna listen through a samsung smartphone, and a fiio E10 DAC. maybe I will get other sources in the future.
As I understand, TRRS has 1 more ring than the TRS. What difference does the ring make?
What kind of products need the TRRS? If its not a bother, I would like to know, just for information.
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You would use TRRS 2.5mm with a balanced source (if i'm reading the product description correctly.) It comes with an adapter, which has some added bulk. Unless you're planning on getting a source that does 2.5mm balanced output like the onkyo dp-x1 it may not be useful.

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