IEM isolation, SQ, > 16 ohms, < $100
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Jan 16, 2003
I'm looking for an IEM with good isolation (for airplane use), good SQ, greater than 16 ohm impedance (one of my sources gets hissy with every 16 ohm phone I've tried) and under $100.

This would replace my im716, which worked fine until the sound became intermittent. I had ordered another pair of im716s through Amazon, but the seller didn't actually have stock, so I'm reconsidering what to get before searching for another im716.

From other posts, etc., the RE0 would have better sound quality, but inadequate isolation for airplane use (for example, Many other phones are 16 ohms or have low isolation or are much more than $100.
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Since you like the IM716, how about the Etymotics HF5?
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I think the HF5 is exactly 16 ohms
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HF5 with P to S adapter? Still not under $100 though. I don't think many other IEMs offer isolation at that level for under $100. Nobody sells im716s any more?
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^ Would the ER4P work better than HF5 with an adapter? Although so many say the 4p doesn't have enough bass.

I just found another seller for the im716. I'll probably grab it later tonight unless someone comes up with a better choice.

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