idots guide to cans
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Jan 3, 2008
Yep I was the idot. If your new to this like me where do you start. Here are a few tips following my own experiance that might help.

First blow that budget on good headphones (leave a bit for a decent headphone amp). As I write this I'm plugged in to Sennheiser 650's with little dot 1 amp (happy as pig in s**t). My budget was $500.00 for amp and headphones

Pick out a half dozen of the top cans from reading reviews and forums.

Research and find a true enthusistic local hi fi dealer (check his demo's are burn't in I found a huge difference after 40 hours use). Take down your reference tunes. If you do buy on line remember that helpful dealer and buy a few items. I bought on line as price was too good but bought leads and a few cd's from the dealer.

Remember what your after. Arm chair listening or portability. Personnely I spent $50.00 for earbuds, $350.00 on comfortable over the ears Senn 650. My amp is portable so I can take my Senns on road trips.
WORD OF WARNING: You will get hook.
Well gotta go looking into tube amps. Any suggestions.

PS First time on any forum be gentle.
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Number one should be to figure what your after imo. Music type, portability as you mentioned, needs for open or closed. Too often it seems people don't identify what it is they need from their phones and that makes the decision so much harder.
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Was going to mention types of music. But a good set of phones has changed my musical world. Never thought I'd be so excited about listening to classical piano or flowing harp. From punk to opera quality opens up a new world of musical delight.

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