I need help deciding between headphones!
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Meh, IMHO, the first thing you should do to improve the sound quality is to by-pass the X-Fi. It is primary for gaming, but you should improve the source in advance to pay for a better headphone. Because headphone can amplifying any details in sound which you may not hear from your speakers before. Second, you can try the Denon D2000, which is suitable for pop, gaming with quality bass. I believe it is good enough for your requirements.
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exactly what nylan said. what do other ppl have to gain from preserving the OP's hearing? obviously we're just trying to be annoying. (like parents who tell their kids to do beneficial things because they have nothing but malice towards their children) seriously, i don't care if the OP needs a hearing aid in his 30's because he is pounding his delicate instruments of hearing with however many decibels strike his fancy. he could stare at really bright sources of light for all i care. he should stare into the sun if he thats what he wants to do. cuz that actually won't affect me at all. so go right ahead with whatever u want to do because thats all that matters.
Therefore, IEM's would be the best for noise isolation, they go right into your ear canal, so when you turn up the volume your parents won't hear the music and you won't hear your parents. however, if your parents can hear ur music in the other room when you are using IEM's, you are probably bleeding from the ears and will never be able to hear them complain about anything ever again. this option has the benefit of not needing to turn your volume down on your open headphones so you can save your ears from the onslaught of sound you subject them to everyday and so your parents in the next room don't hear them.

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