Hi Headfiers, Advice needed :) and Merry Christmas~~
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Dec 19, 2015
Hi all Headfiers,
How are you?
I am rookie in here and some advice for the best Audio Quality from my MacBook air and I phone 5s and Dell Venue 8 7000 android tablet.
The phones I have: Beyer T1, AKG 701, Sony MDR 1A
Amps: Creek OBH 11, Beyer A20, FIIO E9&E17
My A20 and T1 is on the way. I just got my A20 today:))))))) and can not wait to see the T1
The question is can I set up system like this,
1. MacBook -->E9&E17 AS DAC-->OBH 11(PRE AMP?)-->Beyer A20(AMP?)--->BeyerT1
2. tablet or iPhone -->OBH 11(PRE AMP?)-->Beyer A20(AMP?)---> K701(bad idea?)
I am confusing about amp and pre-amp.......
Thanks again!
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You do not need to worry about a pre-amp. That would be used to amplify a signal to line level. Your DAC will already output at line level so you only need a chain of source->DAC->amp>headphones.

The fiio e17 can output a line level signal via a fiio L7 dock or can send an amplified signal via the headphone output.

You only need to amp the signal once so using an E9, OBH11 and A20 at the same time would be unnecessary and probably worse sounding than either alone.

I'd try each alone from a line level output and see which one sounds best to you. The L7 is fairly cheap. You may need some 3.5->rca interconnects as well but they're fairly cheap as well.

Hope this helps
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thanks for your answer

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If you can stretch your budget far enough, then also consider the Chord Mojo, as it will substantially raise the audio performance of a Macbook or an iPhone, and decent cans like the T1 will reveal it's performance well

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