Help ! STAX 009 spare part
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Oct 11, 2009


These small bits that hold up the head band has broken due to age. Anyone know where to purchase replacements ? STAX USA seems to have them but they do not ship to Malaysia where I am located. Thanks in advance.
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Mail to the distributor where you have bought them from. If it's second hand and if you don't know where the item is bought from, some distributors might refuse to help you. Eventually you'll find one which will help you.
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Super glue is your friend. I did that one mine. This part is defective IMO.
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I agree about the part being defective. I am very careful with my headphones, and nevertheless this part broke on both the right and the left side. I discovered that I had some clear buttons that had the correct size hole for the screw and that were large enough to hold the strap without being particularly obtrusive. You could use this as an interim fix until you locate the part. I just left the buttons on permanently since I had no confidence that new Stax parts would be any better than the originals.
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Thanks guys for the insights.
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The idea of sending the unit in for service is out of line. I hope we can just purchase that particular part directly for a very small fee.
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I superglued mine with success...perfect visually and stayed the course for two years so far! Also UK distributor provided replacement free of charge via my excellent Edinburgh dealer, Loud and Clear - it remains unused in reserve in the 009 box

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