Hello from long time lurker!
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Denny Muratovic

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Jul 21, 2015
Hello everyone,
Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Been a lurker and fan of the site for a long time and finally decided to join.
A little bit of background... I'm a lifelong music lover and a classically trained musician. I also have a long background in recording engineering and mixing. I was both a professional musician and recording engineer for many years before I got into business in other fields, but music and audio are still among my biggest passions... I guess for some of us it's part of our DNA!
Some of you already may know that I am also part owner of The Audio Guild which manufactures aftermarket audio cables under the Q brand name for both 2 channel audio and the headphone markets... so, a belated thank you to all those people who have shown their appreciation and become customers!

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