HD598 still the King for Gaming?
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It's not the size of the soundstage that counts :wink:   The HD598 has angled drivers (as in, angled to be parallel to your ear, rather than parallel to your head like most headphones) which really makes a difference in positioning. IIRC, the AD700 also has that, but IMO the sound signature is too high and light. Combined with the "deep" soundstage, which is a positive way of saying "distant", they sound less immersive than the Senns. 
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I use AKG K500 for movies/gaming and quite satisfied with them 

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Never heard of the vintage stax lambda. I'll look into it. I forgot about Mad Lust Envy's reviews...Thanks for reminding me.

Mad Lust Envy recently reviewed a modern Stax Lambda incarnation, the SR-404. He seems to like the sound quality for gaming, at least.
I should emphasize the vintage models (original Normal bias SR-Lambda, Lambda Pro, Lambda Signature) have a noticeably different sound presentation to the numerical models, if the SR-202 was any indication. The Nova models (Nova Basic, Nova Classic, Nova Signature/LNS) also introduced a redesigned headband/arc, still present on the numerical models (save SR-507, which changed it again), which has noticeably more clamping force.
My favorite still remains the original SR-Lambda at this time for its sound presentation (that glorious midrange!), but thus far, I've only heard that and the SR-202...and I really didn't like the added clamp of the SR-202, so that reduces the lineup to the original vintage three for me.
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I am really enjoying my 598's for music listening and they hands down beat any gaming headset I have ever owned.
I am trying to find the perfect settings when it comes to surround sound in battledfield 4 as I find I am struggling to hear footsteps.
I think it might be because these headphones are a little light on the bass or it is that bf4 sound is not quite like older games where "sound whoreing" is possible.
What settings would you recommend for gaming with 598's and xonar essence st, also would you recommend boosting anything in the eq ?
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I really like my HD 558 for gaming and music, and i've heard theyre very similar to 598's. 
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Look here Jesse Gee,
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  Look here Jesse Gee,

Hey thanks for responding man, yeah I can't count how many times I have looked over that thread, I have read a lot of mixed reviews on the HD598's for gaming, read on the other forums....some say it's crap and some say it's spectacular....Just wanted another confirmation if it's as good as people say they are....
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what is your budget and have you thought about how long a headphone can or could last you and compare it with other investments (e.g. graphics cards, smartphones, anything that loses out rather quickly?
Consider AKG K612, Philips Fidelio X1 (with V-Moda Boom Pro) - can't comment on the Fidelio X2 unfortunately.
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the Fidelio X1 was my first choice but it's not available in my country, the HD598 and AKG K612 pro are easily available here, I only have a Fiio E11K amp though....I am a console gamer, there are a lot of headphones that aren't available in my country, so with shipping+taxes makes it impossible to purchase them right now....would you recommend the AKG K612 over the HD598? This will be my first real set of headphones, current set is a sony wireless 7.1 headset...
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From which country are you?
I'd take the 612 over the 598 but the X1 over both. 
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  From which country are you?
I'd take the 612 over the 598 but the X1 over both. 

I am in South Africa, I am really digging the X1, it looks stunning and has some excellent reviews....may just save up and get the X1 eventually and use my Sony's for the time being....Is the X1 good for FPS games, you know the usual, hearing footsteps, pin pointing enemies and so on....
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I would go for the AKG K550 over any of the options in the OP. Huge soundstage for a closed-back with actual isolation and great clarity. Most consoles aren't going to be able to effectively drive the 701 anyway, though if you're always alone at home the 598 would be a reasonable option as well.

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