GUIDE: Dolby Headphone in MPC & Zoom Player
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Originally Posted by fenixdown110 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Does anyone know where I can download the cyberlink audio codec from? I'm having trouble finding it.

It comes with PowerDVD which is included with some DVD ROMs. I believe you can find the codec online with google searches, but I'm not certain where exactly.
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Originally Posted by eccdbb /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Is there any way to quickly switch from this set-up to a non-Dolby set-up?

Can you use Dolby Headphone with files that contain non-AC3 or DTS? ex. mp3, AAC,...

Using MPC you can swap between DH and a variety of other sound setups by right-clicking and choosing the Cyberlink audio codec and swapping between different Output modes including Stereo and "TrueTheater Surround" (which doesn't sound nearly as wonderful as DH). There's also an option to choose 2 Speaker/Dolby Virtual Speaker for virtual surround sound for a 2 or 2.1 speaker setup.

As far as using DH for mp3 and AAC, I know the Cyberlink Codec does have its limitations, but MPC fills in the proper codec in those cases (in which case you won't be able to use DH). I'm sure the OP can provide better details.
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I tried to get this working today but I wasn't able to find a place to download the CyberLink codec either.

If someone has a link to a place that has it that would be great.
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My friend has a registered version of Cyberlink, so I might just install the DVD software and get the codec that way. Of course a direct link to the codec would make things much easier.
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I don't know if its against the rules to post a link to the decoder only... Do a google search for codec kiev.
Cyberlink can only decode pcm, ac3, and dts. To have it decode mp3 or aac it needs to be decoded by another filter first like FFDSHOW. Enable mp3 and aac decoding in FFDSHOW and it should work...Zoom Player is easier to setup these kind of configurations compared to MPC.
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Ok. Setting ffdshow to output with LPCM mixed works for mp3, aac, and ogg. You just have to get MPC to use ffdshow, and not other filters.

I cannot get ffdshow to decode flac for some reason. If you untick the flack boxes in MPC's internal filters, MPC won't play the flac. Can WMP play flac through ffdshow?
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Playing a mkv with a flac track and Cyberlink causes a giant lag everywhere- like if you click a menu and highlight the entries, mouse lag. Also the video plays sometimes- depending on what I set my video decoder on. Wierd?

I'll try CoreFLAC later.
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Dude, I don't know how to express how thankful I am for your guide. I got the CL decoder working myself but almost got crazy because of the mixed up audio channels. I just couldn't get it right until I found this thread. So THANK YOU for writing that down. Everybody watching movies or tv shows with surround sound with headphones should know about this.

Thanks. Have a nice christmas!
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fe-lixx, I was like you at one point. Trying to find the answer of why the channels were mixed up, found out the problem in another forum
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Resurrecting a very old thread for a problem I'm having for the first time using this method with MPC. I'm trying to play Lost Season 6, DVD 1 and the audio plays for the previews but when it gets to the Main Menu the audio shuts off. You can swap between 5.1 or 2.0 in the Audio Setup, but neither option seems to work, and when you skip back to the previews once the DVD is on the main menu the previews go silent as well. Anyone have any ideas? Plays fine in VLC, but of course... I lose surround sound with VLC on headphones.
EDIT: Also, while I'm at it. Has anyone got Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 to work with this? I tried upgrading from 9 to see if that would resolve my issue and when opening Filters/Cyberlink Audio Decoder, it comes up extremely minimized so I can't select between Headphone and Stereo. I added Cyberlink Audio Effects through External Filters and am able to to view and manage effects through there... just wondered if this is an optimal way of doing this (and no, it didn't fix my issue pertaining to the Lost DVD lack of audio).
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I too am trying to get PowerDVD 10 to work in zoomplayer. In PDVD audio decoder config the Dolby headphone is ghosted and impossible to choose. If I add the audio effect (this in smartplay for ac3 and dts) after the Audio decoder, I can go in to it's config and chose "Headphones" and then choose Dolby Headphone". But when I close the config and open it again it has jumped back to "2 speakers". Can't even get the decoders to show in DVD playback config.
Anyone know what to do?
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I updated the guide with working filters. For some reason if you have Powerdvd10 installed Dolby Headphone would be grayed out. To fix the issue you need to replace claud.sim with an older version from the rar I have uploaded. Not sure if this will break Powerdvd install.

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