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May 27, 2006
I am facinated by the tone this guy had with the guitar. I think I like him better than any Jazz guitarist I have heard. I have noticed a few CD's of him I have bought are poorly recorded with clippin/clicks. What are the must have Grant Green Albums ?
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Grant Green is certainly a favourite of many jazz guitar fans. I was suprised to see poll last year on a jazz forum where he was overwhelmingly voted as fave guitarist, above even Wes Montgomery.

Among his albums I've enjoyed Green Street, Idle Moments, Matador and Complete Quartets with Sonny Clark.
There is also a 4 CD compilation called Retrospective which is a nice sampler of his albums.
A few of his stuff is more leaning towards funk, but mostly its good old straight ahead jazz

He does have a lovely and unique tone, favouring a slightly brighter sound than most. You might also like the earlier Pat Martino albums like El Hombre or maybe even Ed Bickert.

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As MusicMind has said above, the ones to go for are Idle Moments and The Sonny Clark Quartets at least. I would add Solid (with Joe Henderson again) and Street Of Dreams with Larry Young, Bobby Hutcherson and Elvin Jones.
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Those Sonny Clark recordings are awesome! Grant Green is fantastic. A lot of people don't like the later "pseudo funk" efforts, but you might want to check out "Alive!"
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Grant Green is my favorite jazz guitarist, period. While I was still in college, I heard a track called "Creature" from "The Main Attraction" (his second to last album on CTI-subsidiary Kudu, now available on CD from Epic) on my college radio station and was immediately hooked.

I'll echo "Idle Moments" as probably the pinnacle of his early to mid Blue Note stuff. Get that one along with the bluesy-gospel flavor of "Sunday Mornin'." Even better, you can't beat "Green Street." It's just Green with Ben Tucker on bass and Dave Bailey on drums. It's just him on his guitar playing throughout with no other soloist! Great stuff.

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I'll add to the multitude of echos for Idle Moments. I've got a new high quality vinyl pressing that's absolutely awesome. I don't even remember how I discovered that album, probably a random download.

I'll be following the other albums mentioned in this thread since I only have a few of his other releases, and none have even nearly equaled Idle Moments for me.
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Just listening to Solid now. Reminds me a lot of the session that Spaulding did with Freddie Hubbard --- Hub-Tones. Obviously due to Spaulding's unique approach but also the whole feel of the record. Joe Henderson kills on this date.

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