grado jumbo/g-cushions questions.
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Mar 24, 2008
Hi, i bought some g-cushions with my grado sr225i's and i'm having a hard time decide whether i should keep them or return them.

I'm finding that the jumbo pads sound a little too open. i LOVE the comfort they provide, but they sound too distant for my liking. i'm not sure if they'd be more compressible with use, because if i squeeze them onto my head so the drivers are closer to my ears, they sound far nicer, while still mostly comfortable.

But the airyness of it kinda throws me off, problem is it's hard to compare the two sets, because by the time i've swapped them out, i've already forgotten what the previous sets sounded like.

I'm also finding the pads pretty uncomfortable. i'm considering trying coin modded 414 pads, only i'm afraid i'm going to screw them up.
and i'm not sure if that will achieve even near the comfort of the jumbos, while maintaining the sound quality of the music.

I'm having trouble deciding whether to keep them, mainly because they are $45, and it's not worth keeping lying around.

any help, or advice would be greatly appreciated. i'm a little squeezed for time, as i have to return the jumbos soon, or not be able to at all.
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any feedback on this question? I was wondering too. Has anyone tried the large pad on any of the prestige series and compared them? I was interested in a pair for my SR325iS later this summer. Thanks!
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I'd say return them if you don't enjoy them. I bought a pair for a MS1000 mod, and they're great with an expanded soundstage and improved comfort. Maybe put a FS thread up, I'm sure there are still some kids rockin MS1's around who want to try the mod.
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^^ he said

I would return them. I didn't like the way they sounded on the GS1000k's. Even though they were made for them. It sounded like the music was far away. I almost think it takes away from the Grado's agressive nature.
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I personally prefer the jumbos on the HF-2 but not so much on the others. I have seen where others have trimmed the pads down with good results. I don't have a link though. Of course, you won't be able to return them if you do that.

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If you don't like them, sell them.

You may want to consider TTVJ's flat pads - I find them far more comfortable with the RS1's, although I don't personally like what they do to the sound (although many do).

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