Govibe Comparison!
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Jun 6, 2009
Hi guys!

Just bought myself a nice UM3x recently to pair it up with my 1g itouch. Gotta say the sound is awesome
Now, the bug has hit me and i'm(already) thinking of getting a decent amp to pair it up with my current humble portable rig.

I was searching for reviews on the govibe vulcan mini and was disappointed that there were virtually none in this forum!

Anyway i believe the govibe would be a rather decent starter amp as i consider it a bang for bucks. I've minimised my option to these 3:

1) Govibe Vulcan Mini
2) Govibe Magnum
3) Govibe Petite

Notice that these 3 are actually the higher end of the govibe portable amps as i really wanna get 1 for long term usage... don't wanna buy 1 for the sake of buying and then end up longing for another upgrade soon

Whats most important for me is how well it would sync with the UM3x, which i am also planning to use it for long term.

Does any1 own any of these and if so, any feedback would be much appreciated
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I've tried both the Vulcan Mini as well as the Magnum @ jaben today and honestly, i couldn't differentiate much between those 2. What both of the amps did were basically rather similar, which is bringing out more clarity of the song as well as adding more treble and bass.

Therefore, I've gotten the Magnum instead coz of aesthetic reasons, portability as well as the convenience of adjusting the level of bass
Don't think i would ever need the optical out of the Vulcan Mini!

Well, i am still interested in the comparison between these 3 even though i have already made my choice
So keep those comments coming

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