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Got the leaked version and gave it a listen for the past few days ... I'll be picking up a copy or two sometime next week.

17 songs + 7 skits

MOST of the songs are SOLID, some are just crazy ...

R.A.G.U ( Feat. Raekwon ) , Clipse Of Doom ( Feat. Trife ) , Back Like That ( Feat. Ne-Yo ) & Three Bricks ( Feat. Notorious B.I.G & Raekwon ) are my personal favorites.

Ghostface has one of those styles that you either love or hate, fortunately I love his flow and wordplay so this album really stands out.

Check it out.
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$8 at Best Buy on Tuesday when it comes out ... I'll probably pick up T.I. - KING the same day too at $13.

Don't sleep ...
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Sorry to be a stinker, but how can I be assured that this is *good* Ghost? He really peaked in Cuban Linx and with Iron Man. Since then he's been fading out. The albums he does are usually weak sprinkled with moments of pure genius as he is still one of the most capable MC's alive today. Supreme Clientele and Bullet Proof Wallets made me sad.

I'll have a copy this evening and will be sure to give it a chance. I want to believe you that this is solid, but please understand my hesitation.
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Originally Posted by afxdave
Got it! This is SOLID, and I apologize for expressing doubt. Ghost did slip up, but now he's on his feet swinging and landing blows. I'm only about half way through and can't wait to pick up the vinyl.

Peace, David

How did you like the second half?


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