getting proper fit and seal on custom IEMs
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Jul 7, 2008
Hello to all. I am new here, but I recently bought my first pair of custom IEMs, LiveWires, and wanted to post a tip I hope will be helpful to others. I assume this would hold true no matter what brand of custom IEMs you use.

I was becoming frustrated with the lack of low bass response after several days of using these and found that I was only getting good bass response when I tilted my head down slightly (below horizontal). Obviously, this was a problem with the fit/seal I was getting inside my ears. I was on the verge of calling EarPeace Technologies for an adjustment or refund when I ran across a thread on Jaben last night which helped me fit these things in my ears properly.

Unlike others, I did not have the front-outside part over the flap of my ear, a common newbie mistake. My problem was that I was actually rotating the IEMs too far into my ears. If we call the direction of twist to insert the IEMs "backwards," I was rotating them too far backwards. This was causing a compromised fit and poor bass response with changing head positions.

What I found was that if I actually "unscrewed" them a little bit after inserting them, the seal is much better. In other words, whe I put them in, I rotate them as far backward as possible, and once they are in all the way, I rotate them forward slighgtly until they are pressing lightly against the insides of the front flaps of my ears. This creates a better seal with changing head positions. The bass response is still slightly stronger when I tilt my head below horizontal, but the seal overall is much better now, and I do not lose the bass when tilting my head up.

This may be an anomaly because I was told by the audiologist that I had particularly curvy ear canals, but others having trouble getting a good seal and bass response, especially with jaw opening, facial contortions, or head positoin changes may want to try this trick. I am now happy with the fit and response of my earphones and will not need to send them back...relief!

Hope this helps!
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IMO, that has to be an imperfect fit, since every time you pull the cord when wearing the cable around your ear the IEM will screw itself back and you loose the seal.

I have the exact opposite fit problem; when I lie down, the left earpiece unscrews itself and I lose the seal. I have to pull the cable slightly to screw it back in.

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I agree that I am still not getting a perfect seal. What is the optimal solution for this? If I send them back to LiveWires for adjustment, do I need to have a new set of impressions made (they keep the original ones on file)?

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