Galaxy note 2 +Fiio E11
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Yes, the E11 comes with a cable to connect it. It looks a lot like the FiiO L8. You will be double amping, as you won't have a line out, but you will only experience a slight increase in white noise in the background-indistinguishable with the music playing.
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Is double amping a must without a line out?

Well, the line out bypasses the internal amplifier. So, if you don't have a line out, and plug an amp into the headphone jack, it is using both the internal amplifier of the device, and the amp you just added. So yes, without a line out, if you use an external amp, you will always be double amping.
As far as I know, there is no line out dock (LOD) for the Note. However, if you simply turn the Notes volume all the way up, and control the volume from your amp, you should be OK.
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There's always the option of picking up a microUSB OTG cable and picking up a DAC or DAC/Amp combo. That way you by-pass the phone's audio altogether. My current portable setup is Galaxy S3 >> OTG + ELE Dac >> M-80s. Low ohm hps so I didn't need the amp but a E6 or E11 can easily be added in.

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