FRUSTRATING iBasso DX50 Issues - audible snapping sounds/ freezing. Any help appreciated!!!
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I purchased an iBasso DX50 last year and I have been having several issues with it recently. Firstly about 2 weeks ago for several days the gain switch stopped working, then started working again by itself. Now, the player freezes during songs and has been doing so for about a week, usually just over a minute or 2 into the song. I have updated to the latest firmware version this morning however it is still doing the same thing. The weird thing is that it only happens when the DX50 is in my pocket, not when it is sitting on a flat surface. The freezes usually occur when I am walking, and force me to turn the player off and on again. Sometimes it will not even turn off so i have to take the battery out. Something else that i have noticed, usually leading up to the freeze is audible snapping sounds heard through my earphones and even the volume doing unusual things - usually going to dangerously high levels within an instant. However the freezes sometimes will occur without these signs. The snap sounds are very common when walking with the DX50 in my pocket.
Has this been a reported problem with them? I've been happy with this unit up until now, it's not even a year old and has been treated well - never thrown around or dropped. 
Does anyone know that might be causing this? I'm guessing some type of hardware problem. 
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Sorry I forgot to mention that I have contacted iBasso however am yet to receive a reply...
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Hey! I am experiencing exactly the same issue - in pockets / while riding my bike. It drives me nuts!!! I contacted iBasso and they told me to do a factory reset using a tool (factory reset through a computer). I did a factory reset using the latest 1.6.0 firmware. It was ok for a while, but then started freezing again. Today it freezed more than 5 times - with mp3s and FLACs. I am now changing the SD cards (putting a faster one in) and switching to the NTFS file system (although I am not sure it will be recognized by the DX50). Please tell me if you have found a way to solve this issue. I will let you know what happened with my experiment.
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Let us know how it goes. I know that sometimes static can affect cards and even the player. 
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Hey bud. I have a Fiio X5 which suffered from this strange crackling/stuttering sound.  After spending months trying to isolate the issue I identified the culprit - my work mobile phone!  It emits some kind of EM signal which made my Fiio go all wonky! My work phone is a Note 3 btw.  Doesn't happen when I have my personal phone near it (HTC One M8).  So see if anything is interfering with it (haing it in the same pocket as your mobile?). 
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Hey guys,
So i switched the SD cards (the new one is NTFS formatted btw, and it works) - no change. The player freezes almost every time I am walking on the street. the culprit is most definitely static or 3G interferences - stuff that I cannot isolate in any way. What I thought of is to carry the player in a screening/shielding pouch, but so far I have not found a suitable one. What I am trying next is to cover all the ports, including the SD card, with isolating tape (sounds pretty pointless, but I am willing to try anything). I will let you know on that experiment as well.
Basically, the player cannot be used adequately with that sort of an issue - constantly freezes, oh and yeah, if it does not freeze, then the volume goes extremely high in an instant - makes me twitch and grab my head while walking. A press on any of the volume keys fixes the sudden high volume blast, but in the second or two before that - I am in pure agony. So yeah, great sound from iBasso, but horrible, horrible, horrible shielding issues. (I am using it with Westone W30s btw)
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I found a solution! The problem comes 100% from shielding inadequacy. What I did? The DX50 comes with a silicon case. I got some tin foil (cooking) and I packed the player in it. I put the silicon case over that and then cut the foil from the screen, the amplifier switch, the 3.5 jack and the USB port. No more interference issues! So far I have gone to work and back 4 times without a single device  block (usually happens at least once, one way). I hope this is helpful!
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Great find, it is crazy to think that there is that much interference these days in the air around us. Do you live in a very populated area? Would think this would be something everyone would be affected by and the forums would be flooded with this issue.
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If that is really caused by the mobile phone network, it's really strange. I've my iBasso for a month now, but was having a (now lost) iRiver h300 before.
I never had a freeze because of that, only old modem type of noise over my music. I also found the iBasso to be way less prone to catch them compared to my iRiver.
Anyway, that's good to hear that your solution worked!

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