Final Decision - mailing out my ear impression - to JH or UE?
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Dec 17, 2008
I just made my ear impression and it has come down to which mailing address I'm gonna put down on the box - UE or JH. The audiologist said I need to mail it out pretty soon, otherwise the size of the impression will shrink. Can I still wait for 1 or 2 more days before I decide?

If it isn't for the news of JH-16 Pro coming out, it would be a no brainer for me to get JH-13 Pro, because from all that I have read it would sound more neutral.

On the other hand I think the UE18 Pro would be equally top-notch and would be more fun. Hopefully not as fun as the SE530 though - I really couldn't accept the roll-offs (not to mention I had to reshell it after the cable has broken). The Westone 3 kind of bass was actually just right for me, but would be grateful if it could go even deeper. On the other hand, the TF10Pro was great in terms of sound stage and separation of different instruments. I never said I disliked the TF10 Pros, just that I preferred the sound signature of ATH over the 10 Pro. TF10 Pro was a bit cold to me, and ATH CK100 provides details yet at the same time preserves the warmth of (especially) female vocal.

So, if I like the following features, which of JH 13 Pro, UE18 Pro and JH16 Pro would probably the best choice for me?

- Warmth in vocal like CK100
- Detail like CK100 / ER4P
- Sound stage and separation of instrument like TF10 Pro
- Bass quantity like Westone 3 (IE8 was too much)
- Bass depth like ER4P or at least TF10 Pro

My plan A was this: Get UE18 Pro first and then wait for reviews of JH16Pro to come out, and then decide whether I should get 13 Pro or 16 Pro. I can afford two of these 6 driver+ monsters, and probably all three of them, but it would be a waste not spending enough time on any of them simply because I get 3 of them... But then again I think getting 18 Pro only to find that it is to my dislike would be a waste...

Still unsure which address to put down on the box... Any suggestions?
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Take one for the team and go 16 pro but send your impressions in now so they can create the mold while they are fresh.

You would also get to be the kid with the newest bike on the block
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Tbh, I don't know if the JH16 will be better than the UE18. No one has a valid argument to argue for either. Just make a decision and leave this place, so you will never have to wonder, and just listen to the sweet music.
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I'd say either JH model, based on the cheaper price and longer warranty (2 years vs. 1). No one will really know how to compare the 13 and 16 until someone actually gets their hands on the 16...
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I'd go with the JH, the 16 I suppose, if only for the fact that JH is a family run company, and UE is run by the corporate machine Logitech. Your CS experience will respect the background of the companies. JH would guarentee you a good experience and you have double the warranty.
For that reason alone, I'd be sold on the JH-13/16.
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Guys, thanks for the suggestions. I have decided to go for UE18 Pro. I was alll for JH 13 Pro but the sudden appearance of UE18 Pro confused me. Then JH16 Pro confused me more. So I go for UE 18 Pro, which at least I will get earlier and according to review, it is at least on par with JH13 Pro but with different tonality.

I am definitely going to get a pair of JH. But then I will have to wait until the JH13 vs JH16 review, and I can't wait. So I go for the UE18 Pro. I asked for express shipment so hopefully I will be able to receive it in February.

This would give me a few months' head start on the 18 Pro over JH13 or JH16 Pro (assuming the 16 Pro does come out in March, it would take some time for people to listen and make reviews and for me, to make sense out of an enough number of reviews. And I believe it would take some time to have someone who would own both 13Pro and 16Pro kind enough to write a review, and then after that I will have to place my own order and wait for a month and all that).

Will certainly let you guys know what is going on with the UE18s when they arrive. These are the first pair of customs I've ever had (if the custom re-shelled SE530 due to broken cable doesn't count) !
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Well I got to see some lovelies from UE - they have a new cable which is a lot better than the old one and still locks in the same tried and true way that all custom UEs do. And, the new UE18 is made from a new material which should be better for both professionals AND audiophiles.

Build issues aside, they are probably both fine. JHA is of course the love of headfi now though.
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Don't let the numbers game fool you. The biggest number in this case doesn't mean it's the best
. For "it fits the first time", UE gets my vote. But if you ever have to deal with your IEM manufacturer for anything after the initial sale, go JH.
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My ear impression should have reached them now. For users of 10 Pro and 11 Pro, how long did it usually take from the time they got the impression until the product is shipped out?
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Originally Posted by googleli /img/forum/go_quote.gif
My ear impression should have reached them now. For users of 10 Pro and 11 Pro, how long did it usually take from the time they got the impression until the product is shipped out?

UE aren't going to start manufacturing the 18's until sometime next month. So your question is NA. UE ships FedEx signature required.

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