FiiO Release the WMport to Micro USB Digital Audio Cable L27

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by FiiO, Nov 27, 2017.
  1. FiiO
    FiiO Q1 Mark II can be used as a USB DAC for your iPhone, computer, as well as Sony Walkman players. By using a special designed adapter cable, you can connect from the WM-port of your Sony Walkman player to the Q1 Mark II, so that the latter may do ditital decoding duties to add some spice to your music.

    This special designed adapter cable L27 is available now! With this cable, you can further explore the functions of FiiO hot-selling product Q1 Mark II and the Q5 that may be available soon in December.

    Check out the introduction of L27 by below pictures or >>Click Here

    The delivery of L27 to our worldwide agents starts this week. If you are considering about getting one, you can kindly check with local agents (>>Where to Buy) for its availability.

    If it's not available in your local market, you can kindly buy it at our Aliexpress: >>Click here

    Best Regards
    FiiO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.




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  2. superuser1
    Thank you Fiio :metal:
  3. iLFuma
    I'll buy it very soon :grin::ok_hand:
  4. ebjarrell
    If DAPs such as the ZX300 have a built-in DAC, then why is the L27 required?
  5. superuser1
    For times when you want to drive something which needs more power and use the zx300 as a transport.
  6. gohminghui88
    i have fiio q1 and nw a25. i tried using sony wmc-nwh10 to connect, but failed. Just checking, will l27 work?
  7. superuser1
    I have the Q1 Mk 2 and A35 and the L 27 and yes they do work.

  8. No Deal
    I have tried without success to find this item as well as the leather case for the Q5. Does anyone know if they can be purchased and where?
  9. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    Currently, the L27 is out of stock. You could find the leather case from our Aliexpress store(Click here) or check whether your local seller have the items you needed.

    Best regards
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  10. No Deal
    Ordered the case and the L27 several days ago. Shipping is really slow. I should have paid for expedited shipping. Even though everything was in stock, the order will not ship for 6 more days. Oh well.
  11. audioaudioaudio
    Will this cable work the other way round? In other words from an OTG micro usb device (eg Android Phone, bypassing its DAC), to a Sony device with a WM Port + USB DAC e.g ZX-300?

    And if so, when do you think there'll be some more in stock? Would love to get hold of one.
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  12. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    Here is the devices we tested for the L27:
    You could get the L27 from our Aliexpress if your local seller doesn't sell this:

    Best regards
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  13. miguel.yarce
    I have already order the L27, It will take 50 days to arrive so I have sufficient time to think how to use it. In your opinion the Fiio Q1 Mark II will deliver a better sound than the A35 itself? I will use an Audio Technica M50X, and planning to buy a Sony whh900 or wh1000.

    Thanks in advanced

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