Fiio DAC vs Sound Card for audio PC
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Many thanks for your reply - most useful.

Interesting to learn about the voltage output. I actually already own the Hidizs Sonata so (Tempotec rebadge) so will try with that and see if it sounds better than the soundcard... think I am down the rabbit hole.

The HIDIZS S8 is the same as the Tempotec Sonata HD Pro.

The HIDIZS Sonata dongle only has 1V output.
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I have that one. Not using it anymore. The Tempotec Sonata HD Pro is much better. Plus you don't have to use USB Audio Player Pro on Android to get it to play at full volume.
I see yes. I'd never really thought of the pro one. Just checking that Sonata non pro and the dongle I have both have 2V output....
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If yours is the same as this one, it was measured and found not to have 2V output:
Thank you.

I have decided to try my Fiio e10k as a DAC for my amp. I am now testing my apple dongle as the headphone amp for Windows (replaces e10k) sounds fine. I am then going to use the Sonata I have just bought as a replacement for a Cyrus Soundkey which seems to hum on my phone.

The Hidizs is actually being used to connect my media phone (old Android) to my amp and seems to give a slightly fuller sound than using the headphone jack but I could be imagining this.

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