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Apr 17, 2005
I like to have a music wiki on my portable. So I get all the information about the music and artists on my portable. Then browse by wiki entries associated acts etc.
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I don't know what that means..

But you can have last.fm on an ipod touch for all your music info via wi-fi
Even better.. the whole internet

EVEN better than that, iphone, so that you can get the net without wi-fi

Argh i can't wait for the 3G iphone to get here..
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stuff i would like to see on a portable,

1) good sound quality, atleast at the level of a NW-HD5 or a cowon X5
2) 40h+ battery life, will accept 20+ hours for lossless, i dont want to have to charge it daily,
3) lossless support, flac, ape, etc... come on, mp3 is trash, you know its true, atleast give ogg and aac support as a bare minimum,
4)the ability to turn off the amp to turn the headphone out to line out,
5)UMS/MSC mode, i dont care if you add MTP or whatever DRM infestation you like, aslong as you leave a UMS mode option,
6) i dont care if you use a proprietary connector for a dock, but atleast leave a mini usb for sync and charge on the go, i dont like having to travel with cables or having 6 different connector cables sticking out of my computer,

now, stuff i dont really care about
1) color screen, yes, album art is nice, and the illusion that you can watch an episode of CSI on a 2 inch screen without going blind, but lets face reality, all i want to know is song, artist, album, lengh and codec used, give me a nice battery indicator and a decent song navigation system, and i dont really care about album art and movie playback, for those who want a pure audio dap, thats just another BS gimmick to drain the battery,

2)fm radio, some people still like to have an fm radio on their dap, i really dont use it, the fact that it uses the earphone cable as an antena is nice when you have the $5,99 fontopias, but when you have serious headphones with serious cabling, the radio works like ass, either use a flat antena on the back of the player, or give up,

3) proprietary connector only, yes, i know you can order a ipod cable from china for 2,99 on ebay, but thats not the point, the point is that if i need 1 cable for the ipod, another for the digital camara, another for the card reader, another for the cellphone... give me a break, standartize the cable so i can use the same one with everything, wait, theres allready a standart, its called USB, and USB has a mini connector shared by many devices, like cellphones, so i can use the same cable for my digital camara, my cowon D2 and my HTC touch,

4) force you to use managment software, yes, i do know that alot of people find itunes and windows media player very helpfull in syncing in music in to the player, and i respect manufacturers that want to make it easier for their customers to use the product, but some of us like it the old fashioned way, that i can drag and drop files in and out of the player without having to deal with DRM or installing software on a computer that does not belong to me, i just want to be able to load my music easly, without complications and without any special software,

now, understand, the ipod touch, is not a dap, its not a pmp, its a mobile internet device, as a stand alone dap, its not very good, people buy it becuase you can also check your mail or suft when you have a wifi connection near by, but as a dap only, its not as good as it should be,
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Originally Posted by Aevum /img/forum/go_quote.gif
now, understand, the ipod touch, is not a dap, its not a pmp, its a mobile internet device, as a stand alone dap, its not very good, people buy it becuase you can also check your mail or suft when you have a wifi connection near by, but as a dap only, its not as good as it should be,

This is true if you define the iPod itself as "not as good as it should be" as a DAP. It has never tried to do the things in your wish list; it's a different kind of DAP (perhaps) for a different sort of listener.

I am trying to identify ways that the Touch is not as good as my old 5G as an audio player. Headphone out quality, perhaps, but I can't say because I never used either HP-out for music. Also, I miss the hardware buttons to change tracks and volume without looking. Navigation is easier on the Touch because flicking is more efficient than wheeling. The thing that brings me joy almost every day is granular control of shuffling. I hated going back to the settings menu to set shuffle mode in the old iPod firmware.

[Edit to say that I thought of one other weakness of the Touch compared with the new Classic and Nano... no search function. Surely they'll add that in the firmware at some point.]

So, if the iPod is a good DAP, then the Touch and iPhone are good, maybe even better, DAPs. I'm not trying to start the useless debate about whether the iPod is any good or not, only trying to say that if you like the iPod as a DAP, you'll like the Touch as a DAP. Not to mention all of the extra goodies. If you don't like the iPod as a DAP, then you won't like the Touch that much either. But it's still a DAP.
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i´ve never liked the ipod, the build quality, the HP sound quality and the excessive customer lock in have always made me look badly upon the ipod, and the touch for me, looks more like a gimmick then a proper dap, but i guess its all personal taste, my favorite dap is still the sony NW-HD5,

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