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Feb 15, 2008
I've noticed that a lot of ppl here all sorts of headphones and players,but is there a favourite combination that you like to use ?.Do you use one set of phones with one particular player or do you swap them about all the time ?.

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iPod Classic / Shure SE530.

Hm, it´s my only portable combo

I´m waiting for my UE SF5pro for testing the UW sound signature and SQ of UE . Fell in love with customs :/
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Originally Posted by basman /img/forum/go_quote.gif

I love my Super.5 Pro's but I think my A816 sounds better with MDR-EX90's.Maybe it's just me ?.

I tend to use the UE's with my ZVM.
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IEM Portable Rig:

8GB 2nd gen
Nano/Tomahawk/BlingBling/Klipsch Custom 2's

Small Can Rig:

30GB U2Pod/Headsix/ALO Cryo/Senn PX-100's

Large Can Rig: (for those days when I don't care what kind of dork I look like in public :-0) LOL

New Nano 8GB/MiniBoxE+/Jumbo Cryo/AKG K-701's.

I love when people ask me what I'm listening too when I'm wearing external cans because I usually just hand them over and wait for that OMG moment when they slide them off and go "Dude"
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Sony NWZ-A829 & Denon AH-C551. Pure audio bliss in a totally portable package. The Denons look like they're made to go with the Sony player too.

I will say that system synergy is a funny thing. I have the much more praised Sleek SA6 IEM, tried them with the Sony, and there is nowhere near the 'magic' that the Denons and Sony provide. Unfortunately my Trekstor Vibez went belly-up which was what necessitated a new DAP, but I am very happy now that it did because this combo is even better than the Vibez & SA6 combo.... at least to my ears.
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OTG - tiny - iPod 1G nano, Yuin PK3.

OTG - small - iPod 1G Nano, Go-vibe V7 ECO, Westone UM2 or SF5Pro.

OTG - large - RWA 4G Photo iMod, RSA Hornet, Senn HD25-1 w/650 cable or AKG K81DJ.

Home - RWA 4G Photo iMod, RSA XP-7, Senn HD 580 w/ Cardas Cable or Grado SR225.
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D2 + Tomahawk + Atrio M5. Where the bright (D2) meet the dark (M5), connected by greatness (Tomahawk).

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