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Feb 18, 2008
I am brand new to HEAD-fi! I am pleased to see compitent audio enthusiasts!

In relation to audio recording to MP3, is there any better method than using Exact Audio Copy and LAME with lossless MP3/WAV encoding?
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Hi Sir;

Welcome to Head-Fi, and sorry about your wallet.

I think if you search in the computer sub-forum you'll find lots of info about EAC. Me, I used CDex to make my FLAC's. It's not better, but I could never make EAC connect to the internet to tag my CD's....sigh.

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Use FLAC if you want loseless with tag support. Players like foobar and winamp support it, rockbox'd DAPS also support it, aswell as players like Meizu and Cowon. It is smaller than wav aswell.

I normally tag it my self, theres sites with all the cd track listing if its not a original cd with the info on the back of the cover hehe.
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Hi again;

I re-read your post, and wanted to comment about MP3. There is no such thing as a lossless MP3. Encoding a wav/CD track to MP3 means some data is lost. There are some data formats that don't lose song info, but they are much larger than MP3's. MP3's encoded at high bit rates sound very good...some/many/most folks can't hear the difference between those and lossless codecs .. FLAC /Monkey /windows lossless encoded songs should sound exactly like the wav files they were made from. Some here disagree. Me, no comment..and am ducking rapidly.

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The first time I ripped my CD collection I used EAC and I found it worked great. I used it to make FLAC files as MP3 isn't lossless. I decided to (down?)-grade to an iPod because it held more music so I converted to Apple's Lossless format, ALAC. Since then I have decided to rip again to FLAC. This time I am using dbpoweramp. It seems to work well and it comes with a year's access to an online CD database for filling in track information and album art, but it is not free. I think you will do well with EAC. You can make one set of files that are lossless with FLAC, and then make copies of those files in any format you want. Just keep those FLAC files around so you will have your lossless copies in the future if you need them.


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