EQ'ing the cra* out of my ER-6 - anything like this on the market?
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Jan 12, 2004
Strange things happen when people get bored. Somehow I ended up doing a little EQ job on my ER-6 since I wasn't really satisfied with the bass. Basically my take on bass is like on displacement.. bass can only be replaced by more bass.
I just recently got back to using them and after a few days found, that they're really too bass shy for my taste. Right now they're run through the output of my soundcard. They went through a little bit of everything from the playlists in the picture and so far I'm rather happy with the sound.

Does any IEM exist, that has roughly the default response as this setup? I'm on my last set of filters and somehow its a little hard to get parts from ety over here. There's not much info about the Senn IE 7 or 8 out yet nor about the K370 and somehow I don't feel that confident about the Beyer DTX 50. All other brands are rather hard to come by, its probably the other way round in the US i guess.

Oh and right now its chill-out time

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Try combining them with a relatively tiny Fiio E3 amp available for $8.50 from DealExtreme. It basically acts like a bass boost and made my Shure SE110's listenable, even if the treble is still lacking.

Basic review here: http://www.anythingbutipod.com/archi...ini-review.php
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Heh glad to hear that I'm in good company on the EQ front.

When these here need some replacement I'd be out looking for some that have the bass boost built in without an amp or EQ. Especially some that are rather easy to get in germany since I've gotten lazy. I dunno when it'll happen though and it never hurts to be prepared for the worst.

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