Edifier E 25
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I ran into these at CES 2014 and they look great. Bluetooth is a nice plus and they sounded nice, mind you I was in a loud convention hall. i do not think they are audiophile speakers but i think they would make fine PC speakers. They do have Toslink hookup and they are 4 drivers each and you can run them mono because they are all powered independently. I think for $200.00 they are worth a try.
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hi there guys
i just make a decision of my mind to change my PC speaker after i have got Beyer T90 and all satisfied portable headphone and system. i have tried many speaker for PC cost range between 100-250(may up to 300if it make me impressed)$ include  Bose Companion20 ,Swan M50W, Harman Kardon SoundSticks III  and many brand in the market as it is available in Melbourne.
I have to admit that i'm quite surprising about Edifier Lunar Eclipse E25  his sounds is Wowwww in his price range(personally i like him over Bose Companion20Harman Kardon SoundSticks III and price is sooooo lovely) His signature character specialist would be Outstanding Bass,not only is the bass strong but also surprisingly deeppppppp with very clear mid-range.Out from the box he is a bit aggressive but the more you listen you will notice the little things, it is lightning fast and super-accurate dynamics and having sparkle treble.
can't deny that he is worthy of 170$+-10
Conclusion,the sound is what I call the Bos* Slaver!. The bass is punchy and the top end sparkles but it is, to a degree, at the expense of the mid range with stylish look!!!
Go get a shot with him and u will know cheers!!!!
Ps. i used him with Nano V(MOD) DAC it terrific!! :D


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