earmax pro and gs1000
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Jul 27, 2007
hi people,
i should be getting my hands on a earmax pro with some sort of NOS tubes but dont know which ones yet,

could anybody comment on how the amp would sound with the gs1000's?
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I've got the Earmax Silver Edition and it was a great combo with the Audiotechnica series like W1000, W5000 or AD1000 / AD2000. It also have good synergy with the Sennheiser 595/600/650. It didn't sounded too fantastic with most grado in my opinion as it sounded very lean and lack soundstage.
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earmax pro is much better with RS1.
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i have the rs-1 but run them with the ra-1 i use graham slee solo with the gs1's but wanted a change. edisonwu have you heard the pro with the gs1000's?

also do you recommened any mods to the amp like changeing mains cord, dampers or anything else you could think of?
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GS1000 and Earmax Pro is a perfectly good combination. With the right choice of tubes (I use Mullards with the GS1000) it gives body to the sound and a very convincing midrange. The "sense of presence" the Earmax is famous for is really working well with the GS1000.

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