Earbuds for running.
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Meelectronics Ai-M6 or Ai-M9. Best Price to Performance Dynamic Earphone ever to exist IMO. Ai-M9 First recommendation as they are on sale from Meeletronics themselves and cost $20 right now, and are usually $50
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you should check out the Sony MDR-AS40EX they are 40 bucks and they are completely adjustable. you should be able to get a really comfy fit with these. also they are water resistant and the cord is only 2 feet long so when your running it wont get in the way.
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The Yuins are NOT appropriate for running, in my experience with the PK-2s.
You'll be constantly trying to keep them from falling out.

Yes, YMMV, but I find I can rarely wear the Yuins for anything but sitting or easy walking.
Without the little sock covers, I can't keep them on at all; the U.S. distributor ignores requests to sell replacement covers. He's deleted threads on the subject on his portion of Headfi. Some find the RS versions of these covers a good alternative. I found them to be both overpriced and unsatisfactory.

Soooo....Consider the Senn sport models or perhaps the Koss KSC models 35 or 75.

The Koss won't shut out all sound, and will allow you to remain alert to what's happening around you. When wearing any headphone for outside running, you need to be able to hear cars, dog and other people.

Hope that helps.
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I own the razer m100's right now...the sound's nothing spectacular, but they're reasonably cheap and extremely lightweight. I've never had them fall out on me when running.
The isolation is enough that chatter isn't audible, but I can generally hold conversations with people a good 12 feet or so away so you should be fine with regard to traffic and whatnot.
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Thanks for the input. Ive never had a pair go bad because of sweat and i have been using ipod buds and the sonys for a while. Still just looking for a pair around 50.

Some skullcandy full metal jackets are on sale right now for 29.99.

Absolute crap or worth 30 bucks?

I bought my FMJ's on sale for $25 and I love them. I'm looking at trying out some different ones, as I've never listened to what the Headfi peeps call a "good" pair, but so far I've enjoyed the FMJ's and I use them at the gym all the time on the tread mill.

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