EARBUDS + Acoustibuds Earbud Adapters
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Mar 22, 2002
I dont see much about earbuds anymore. I am thinking about getting the pk3 and putting the Acoustibuds Earbud Adapters on them. Anybody try this yet.
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Having both the Comply and Acoustibud enhancers, I would say the Comply are the better of the two. Of course I rip the foam off and put silicone tips on them. Then all they really do is hold them in place very well; there is little isolation. The acoustibuds do hurt SQ and as you get better buds it makes more of a real difference. 
If you want isolation maybe try the Yurbuds and get the newer Senn buds which are cheaper. But it seems you have the VB for isolation.
If you want a more secure fit get the new OMX, either OMX180 or OMX181(my choice better style and cable).
You should get a new Senn instead of the PK3 anyway. Cheaper, better fit, better build and equal if not better sound depending on model.
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I saw them on Amazon. Good prices, OMX180 $16 and OMX181 $18.25. Though No Senn warranty for those sellers but you might not care at those prices. Double check on 6AVE as their site says $49. I had Beach Audio through Amazon sell me a Senn earbud at a great price but they confused the model number.
They have SQ on par with the PK3. First PK3 is hyped a bit and fairly old now. The Senn might be a bit clearer and less warm in the bass so the signatures are a little different. The Senn are more open and a bit more balanced. You can use thicker pads to warm them up a bit. Usually the Radio Shack pads. Again for the prices OMX181 has better looks, nicer cable and might be slightly smaller which helps with fit. The VC's are different styles also.
Check the Senn Worldwide site for all the specs and zoomable  360 degree images for both.
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Cool! I'm sure you'll like them. Most everyone really likes the new Senn buds. I was just out with my MX471 and they are such a great buy at $20 shipped. The new livebass in the Senns is tight and well defined. Better than the PK2/3. They just work so well with Bass and Rock settings straight out of portables so they can always be given more bass regardless of pads. Good to start with and take amping or EQ well. 
I believe the 181 also has a cord slider which is also something the PK3 doesn't have that can useful even if just for preventing tangles. 
Update us with your impressions.
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I'm considering buying a pair of sennheiser buds for those situations when I just want a good sounding earbud that I can use instead of an IEM when I don't want or need to be isolated from my surroundings. I'm looking at the MX471/470, MX580/581 and OMX180/181 and I'm wondering if anyone has tried any of these and can give some feedback as far as which one would offer the best SQ for the price.

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