DX240 DAP. DAC ES9038PRO - NEW: AMP8MK2S .****** NEW Firmware! 2.01 *******
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Desktop device?
From naming scheme seems portable dac amp and portable amp respectively. For dac amp, they developed their own pwm discrete resistor dac, took over 3 years of development.
The other product is a dual nutube headphone amplifier powered by 6 batteries and output power of 1.7wpc at 32ohm load.(super exited about this one)
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Wonder if they will release a successor to DX240 and DX320?
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Ibasso dx260 has been announced on weibo.


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It is something new for me, thanks. Looking for more info. Wonder what dac they will choose. And what it overal compared to 320 will be
Also interested in dac selection and price most of all, but in general specs as well, will it still have exchangeable amp cars, will they be compatible with already existing ones etc. Have no doubt it's will be a sonic upgrade to dx240.
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Here is the image translated into English

Any idea what the DAC matrix is about??

It would be good for Ibasso to comment on the day of the official announcement, as well as the rest of the products, in my case special interest in the DX260 and EDA Electrostatic IEM :)


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Imagine it to be their new pwm dac like in d16, from their wording. Otherwise would like it to be es9039spro.
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The good news is that the dx260 will have to be great to be better than the dx240 with the right amp combination. Probably the only thing I would look for is better battery life. Anything else would be a bonus. I hope they haven't made it any bigger.
Would love for it to have bigger battery, hope still have exchangeable amp modules and if luck is on our side compatible with all previous ones as well.
Tbh was hoping for es9039spro for dac chip. But if it's their own discrete dsd dac would not be disappointed either.
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Hi guys

I need help, please
where can I set the player to turn off automatically? I can't find this menu item anywhere.


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