DT 990 vs HD 598
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Aug 7, 2015
Hi, I'm Goat.
I just cant seem to make up my mind and I have some concerns with both of these headphones. These will be primarily for games and movies and I plan on attaching a mod mic to which ever one I buy. Mind you that these are my first Audiophile headphones and I'm coming from a crappy pair of turtle beach headphones so when someone says for example "there's enough bass" how much bass is enough in regards to audiophile headphones and compared to turtle beach. .
My concerns are:
HD 598's
Not enough bass for games and movies. I'm not a bass head or anything but I do like to feel the bass for that more personal experience. I like to feel the explosions but not to the point of blowing out my eardrums or distorting the other sound.
DT990 Pro
Has more bass than the 598's but the treble is higher almost to high for some. Not being familiar with audiophile headphones I don't know if this would be an issue for me. Also I don't believe the cord is removable.
I can get both of these for around $100 each from Amazon warehouse in like new condition.
Any opinion are suggestion are most welcome and appreciated!
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Happy Listening!

DT990's mid-bass is slightly raised over DT880-neutral. Not a bass-head headphone. 
DT990's treble can rule out some overly compressed pop recordings, but not an issue for games and movies.
HD598 is softer and more mid-centric.
A more relaxing kind of sound. It might lack WOW factor for movies and treble presence for games.
Both good headphones, both should work just fine, but DT990 is probably more appealing
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DT990 is in a different class imo.  Bigger and more comfortable ear pads, built stronger, better (different shape) soundstage, better quality sound.  Slightly annoying coiled cable on the pro version.
But if it's not the sound presentation you're looking for, then it doesn't matter if a headphone is better in other areas or not.  Or you need to be prepared to mod them either physically or with EQ.  And 990 250 needs a lot more amp than the 598.
People with tall elf ears might prefer the pads on the 598.  The pads are weirdly narrow to me though.
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Own both, would recommend the DT990 over the HD598. The only notable pro I see choosing the latter would be that the HD598 are easy to run. Do not consider getting the DT990 without a amplifier.
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I just saw the DT990's limited edition and I really like those especially with the straight cord probably not worth an extra $100 though lol.
Can anyone recommend a good amp for the 990's? 
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I'm a happy owner of dt990 premium 250 ohm. Premium seems to be more confortable than the pro version, plus some "minor" differences in bass, soundstage... Check the frequency response at the website headphone.com/pages/build-a-graph
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I have both headphones, The DT990's  are better for Movies and games. As for music the DT990's have better sound stage and are more exciting. Listening to Metal on the 598's is boring and lifeless but if you like more relaxed music, say folk, the 598's are far more pleasant to listen to.

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