Driving the Grado RS-1s (Newbie Style)
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I'd be all over that Millet Minimax you posted earlier.
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Originally Posted by joelongwood /img/forum/go_quote.gif
If you had heard it, you wouldn't be thinking about the cost of the components inside........you'ld be wondering how a little wooden box could sound so good with the RS-1s. It's all about synergy, and to my ears, the RA-1/RS-1 is a match made in heaven. Just my opinion, of course.

True, that. I will recant my above judgmental opinion about the RA-1, for now, as I have not heard it. (I was just speaking from experience, reading a lot about the RA-1 amps on these threads. That said, I best find one to try out before I make further remarks.) Cheers!
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Thanks for all of the suggestions guys! I ended up going with the Millett Hybrid Max and also bought a Azur 640p preamp. Both should be shipping tomorrow and then I can share my experience!

Edit: Oh, and btw, I think if I could have gotten anything mentioned here, I would have gotten the Mapletree Ear + HD... It was just a little out of my price range (especially for a first-time tube amp). I was close to buying an EC/SS, but I didn't jump the gun fast enough :/

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