Does the music you listen to define YOU?
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It effects me actually I think people picks styles according to their characteristics,But defining a person into only one style is too hard for we just picks the components that fits us and I believe nothing is random in that,
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I am both polar opposite and very similar. My taste of music has shaped my view on some things, especially self view, but what kind of person I am overall and how I behave is completely different what music might suggest.
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I choose music based solely on me and what i am. That's why my music is mostly 80's (what my dad listens to, which i eventualy got hooked on) and music today (of course i listen to this, this is my generation after all).

I dance to beat and sing the song.
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^ Same here.

Born in the 50s, my era was rock, pop, blues, jazz. As I have aged, my tastes have opened wide. Music I never thought I would like have been entering my music collection. 50s country, early hip hop, world folk. Things I'd never heard before are now connecting with me. I attribute this to the gear sounding so good.
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Not at all.

I find that music itself isn't something that you can "define". For example, you can listen to the same music and feel totally different depending on the mood. I can listen to a certain rock song and if I'm having fun, it may sound fun, but if I'm angry, it may make me more angry, and if I'm stressed, it may make me feel relieved and free. Music doesn't define anything. It is you who defines it.
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The poll question and topic question ask slightly different questions, if I interpreted correctly. The poll is asking if your personality is similar to your music tastes. The topic is asking if your personality is AFFECTED by your music.

For the poll... Quiet, arrogant, and stoic are all words that I could use to define myself.
I mainly listen indie pop, rap, rock, metal, and various genres with folk influences.
I don't think I see a connection.

For the topic... I don't think I am affected by it either.
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I said very similar, but mostly because I act like a nutcase that's all over the place and tends to be slightly on edge kinda like my taste in music...
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Only when I dance.

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Letting music be some kind of badge that defines us is strictly a teenage thing. We grow out of that as we mature (or at least most of us do!)

If I like something, I listen to it. I couldn't care less what it "says" about me.

In my high school, there were the Zeppelin people, the Floyd people, the country people, the punk people, the pop people, etc. I thought it was really stupid even then, and always ignored to follow my own tastes!

(The most ignorant people of all are the ones who think they are some sort of bad@$$es because they listen to death metal or gangsta' rap or some such thing.)
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i'm a funkypunkpostrockelectronoprogjazzman.
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I put somewhat similar. I used to listen to be very energetic and talkative and I listen to emo/screamo. Than I sort of relaxed and quieted down as a person and I now listen to soft indie rock and acoustic. I think the bong is bigger the other way. I listen to that kind of music because I am a calm person.
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This a very hard question to answer...but i think music is an expression of emotion. Therefore depending on one's personality they have a tendacy to feel or show certain emotions which could lead to a certain genre of music.

In my own case i listen to a lot of different kinds of music, when i am angry i could listen to rap/harcore/screamo when i am happy i could listen to power pop or electronica or sometimes it crosses over..

I guess i would say the way i feel at a certain time defines how i feel.

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